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Tonghui TH2822 Series Handheld LCR Meter

Tonghui TH2822 Series

Tonghui TH2822 Series Datasheet

Tonghui TH2822 Series Features

  • Maximum test signal frequency : Upto 100kHz
  • Selectable test signal level
  • Enhanced protection capability of input terminal impact
  • 40000 counts for primary parameter, D/Q resolution 0.0001
  • Typical ultra-low consumption: 25mA
  • Innovatively compatible terminal configuration: 5-terminal test slot and 3-terminal rubber jack
  • AC test speed up to 4 meas/sec (DCR: 3 meas/sec), fast automatic range switch design
  • Percentage display and 4-tolerance comparator: 1/5/10/20%

Brief Introduction

With its advanced impedance test technology, Tonghui has launched TH2822 series handheld LCR meters. This series currently possess the most powerful functions and outstanding performance in this industry comparable with bench LCR meters. Meanwhile it is the achievement of Tonghui after years of efforts and research in the passive-component testing field.
TH2822 series apply the ultra-low power consumption design and high density SMD assembly techniques and can simultaneously display primary and secondary parameters on a LCD display with backlight. The dual-color shell is gorgeously once shaped; and functions are easy to operate. The test frequency is up to 100 kHz, the readings of primary parameter 40,000 counts and the resolution of dissipation factor 0.0,001. Accurate and convenient measurements of passive-components can be achieved in different occasions for a long time. In order to meet different market demand, multiple signal level and DCR test function are increased on TH2822D/E. The test accuracy can reach 0.1%.

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