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Why PicoScope ?




Global Warranty All Pico products are manufactured to the highest standards under a ISO 9001 registered quality scheme and carry either a two-year or five-year return-to-manufacturer warranty (see individual product specifications) that is 60% longer than industry standard A customer can save on-going service expense and worry-free for 2 more years than the industry standard 3 year warranty models.
Long memory Longest memory in all bandwidth/sample rate range in the industry 1) Customers can capture full length waveforms of their tested events without sacrificing sampling rates.
2) Users can divide the whole memory depth into multiple buffers to capture the history of multiple waveform acquisitions which can be played back easily.
Powered by USB Many of the PicoScope models does not require external power. No adapter. No power cord Customers can use it nearly anywhere, as long as they can connect it to PC via USB; distributors can easily carry a PicoScope demo and can demo to customers anywhere, no hassle of power adapter or concern of power output (110/220).
One software for all PicoScope. Totally Free No license limits for PicoScope 6 software; Totally available to run offline without any hardware; Advanced features like advanced math/DeepMeasure included at no extra cost.
Easy to change a PC to work with PicoScope; Everybody can review and analyze the test waveforms even without a PicoScope hardware; Find complicated abnormal events with advanced capabilities which are always not included in portable oscilloscopes due to its less powerful intergraed PC
1) Improve the communication efficiency with the capability to review test results with offline software for everyone.
2) Any PC can work with PicoScopes easily by installing the software so it will save the move of PC when PicoScopes are used by different sectors or in differenct locations.
3) Customers can get powerful capabilities with PicoScopes to find, locate and analyze the abnormal events which can make their work easily.
6 in 1 instrument PicoScope can be used as a logic analyzer, a spectrum analyzer, a signal generator, a serial decoder and a data logger besides an oscilloscope. 1) Customers can have mixed domain testing abilities without paying extra money.
2) Customers can debug their serial bus signals of up to 18 protocols. And they are free to get all extensions in the future.
20 decoding options as standard and free future upgrades. Very good offer in cost and keep the investment; Most of the decoding options are very expensive in Benchtop oscilloscope like CAN Decoding with several hundred dollars; Keep the instruments always full of capabilities. 1) Save a lot of money
2) No worry to miss the options needed possibly in the future
3) No need to think over the configuration
4) Keep the investment maximum efficiency
Turn your laptop / PC into an Oscilloscope Compact design that takes much less space and more portable Easily move/carry/integrate.
Flexible Display size and resolution Customers can display the number of waveforms as possible as they want in good view and they can analyze the abnormal signal from multiple views like time domain, frequency domain, protocol view, etc.
Leverage the latest functions and capability of PC 1)A customer can watch multiple zooming and sophisticated analysis(even from multiple instruments) in one big relatively larger screen than benchtop instruments.
2)A customer can display, share, store, transfer measurement data in any form their PC allows.
Robust design that reduces the chance of damage; Effectively avoided the issuses due to PC itself which happen frequently in Benchtop scope. Customers don't need to worry about data safety or virus as long as they keep their PC safe. And they are unlikely bothered by the trouble of boot failure as in traditional instruments.
Pico SDK Support customized development in Labview/MATLAB/C++/C#/VB.NET/python platforms Customers can keep themselves synced with Pico's GitHub source repository. They can utilize variable instrument drivers and examples to develop any function or user interface per their own testing requirement.
Support data recording at top speed of 150MS/s in USB3.0 controlled oscilloscopes Customers can use PicoScope as a high speed data logger to continuously record waveform streams without any time gap. The amount of waveforms can be stored totally depends on the disk space of PC hard drive.

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