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Why Repair ?

Every machine suffers from aging. Whether it is a small DMM, oscilloscope, power supply, signal generator, spectrum analyzer, OTDR or a specialized high precise equipment made for specific measurement / research. For precise measurement of parameters, these test equipments require maintenance, servicing / calibration every year. As the time passes, the equipment goes down and to bring it back in working condition, it need repair. The cause of fault can be anything - problem in electricity, failure of part or a human error.

Repair Problem

For a normal low cost equipment repair & calibration service may be available locally. But when it comes to a precise, expensive and specialized equipment, it becomes difficult to find a budgetary and reliable repair specialist. And this is like a nightmare for any organization or an engineer when an expensive equipment is laying in the store waiting for repair due to unavailability of service engineer. Buying a new equipment may not be possible all the time. It is always been a wise solution, to put your faulty equipment back in production.

Our repair & calibration solution for Test Equipment

Test equipments are widly used special purpose equipments, only a specialist and experienced engineer can repair such equipments. We Analytical Electronics Services Private Limited - provides repair & calibration facility for Test Equipments. Our highly experienced and skilled engineers makes it possible for our customers in India. Sending an equipment overseas for repair / calibration is a time consuming process. It affects schedule and budget of any organization. This may not be suitable for organizations / engineers in India. Thus, it is one of the prime benefit to our Indian customers, that a repair facility for such equipments is available in India. To let your work going, we can provide a similar equipment at a reasonable cost for rental. Please check our Rental Service for more details.

Our repair facility for test equipment includes Oscilloscope, Digital Multimeter, Datalogger, Signal Generator and so on. Call or E-mail us now if you are looking for a budgetary repair / service solution for your equipments.

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