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Tonghui TH2827 Series Benchtop Type LCR Meter

Tonghui TH2827 Series

Tonghui TH2827 Series Datasheet

Tonghui TH2827 Series Features

  • Maximum test frequency upto 1MHz, resolution of 10mHz
  • Transformer parameter test function
  • Maximum test speed: 13ms/time
  • Automatic level control (ALC) function for V and I
  • Test signal level monitor function for V and I
  • Included interior DC bias source
  • External DC bias source of large current
  • 10-point list sweep function

Brief Introduction

TH2827 series is a new precision LCR meter with various functions and a higher test frequency. With small size and portable appearance, it is convenient for use on the shelves. This instrument has a basic accuracy of 0.05%, maximum test frequency of 1MHz and resolution of 10 mHz. It is easy to operate with a 4.3-inch LCD screen as well as selectable Chinese and English operation interfaces. Integrated transformer test function greatly improve the test efficiency. The instrument is also provided with multiple interfaces which can meet various requirements of the automatic sorting test, data transmission and storage.

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