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Agilent E8404A VXI Mainframe - 13 Slot(HP E8404A)

Agilent / HP E8404A

Agilent E8404A VXI Mainframe

The Agilent E8404A C-size, 13-slot, VXI mainframes provides a wide range of mainframe solutions to meet all your test system needs. It delivers innovative cooling technology, improved backplane design, high reliability, easy maintenance, and versatile accessories. The innovative air distribution system used in the mainframe provides extremely quiet and efficient cooling. The mainframe HP E8404A comply with the VXI Specification by providing injector surface rails used by the QUIC easy module insertion and extraction system. Superior cooling, reliable design and system monitoring make any of these mainframes an excellent choice for all VXI test system applications.

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E8404A Enhanced Monitoring

The E8404A enhanced monitoring is message based, allowing easy communication with the mainframe for the user over RS-232 or through the VXIbus. SCPI commands are used to address the mainframe. On the E8404A, temperature monitoring includes module exhaust temperatures at three points on every slot, power supply temperature and ambient temperature. Measurements at the front, center and rear of every slot provide an accurate assessment of the temperature fluctuations over a variety of cards, whose hottest components may vary in position. Display screens are provided for overall temperature map, temperature limits set, stripcharts and histograms of each slot.

Easy Maintenance Rear-Accessible Power Supply and Impeller

Convenient access to the power supply and cooling systems of all three mainframes, and the monitoring system of the E8404A, is provided through the mainframe’s rear panel. A replacement power supply or fan can be installed without removing the mainframe from a rack. The power supply’s plug-in design makes repair easy. The E8404A monitor control board and the impeller for module cooling are easily replaced. The internal fan for the power supply, an integral part of the supply, is easily replaced with the power supply itself. If the optional Air Filter Accessory Kit is installed, air filters may be replaced without tools.

Agilent / HP E8404A Features

  • 13-Slot, C-size
  • 1000 watts of usable power
  • Enhanced monitoring for confident measurements
  • Efficient, quiet cooling improves VXI module performance
  • Color graphics display

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