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Solartron 1250A Frequency Response Analyzer (Schlumberger 1250A)

Solartron 1250A

Solartron 1250A (Schlumberger 1250A) Frequency Response Analyzer
Solartron 1250A Datasheet

Solartron / Schlumberger 1250A Price

The model Solartron 1250A Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) (Schlumberger 1250A) delivers accurate measurement of gain and phase. The 1250A features an internal synthesized function generator and 2 parallel input channels. The Solartron 1250A stimulates the device under test and analyzes the response at one or more points in the system. These responses are then correlated with the stimulus to determine the amplitude and phase relative to the generator. The ratio of the two measured signals can then be used to provide the system transfer function.

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The 1250's applications include analysis of non-linear systems, transducer & control system characterization, electrochemistry, and materials testing. An optional synchronizer permits locking the 1250 to rotating or reciprocating machinery for applications such as turbine analysis. A modulator-demodulator and plotter interface are also available.

Solartron / Schlumberger 1250A - Features

  • FAC amplitude range - 10 mV to 10 V, for power supply testing.
  • Analyzer range 30 mV - 300 V, i.e. suitable for ATS (Automated Test Systems), power station vibration testing.
  • Noise rejection capability.
  • Synchronizer option enabling generator and carrier signals to be locked in terms of frequency / phase.
  • Ability to analyze non-linear systems.
  • Front panel or software (Visual Basic) control.
  • Modulator / demodulator card option for interfacing to AC carrier systems.

The 300 V range on the 1250A is particularly useful for making measurements on fuel cell stacks and high voltage batteries, used in hybrid vehicles and residential power supplies.

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