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Anritsu MP1580A Portable 2.5G/10G Analyzer with opt 02

Anritsu MP1580A

Portable 2.5G/10G Analyzer (ANR 1580A)

The Anritsu MP1580A Portable 2.5G/10G Analyzer is a unique and powerful solution for analyzing jitter at the standard OC-48/192 or STM-16/64 bit rates. It can measure jitter of 2.5G/10G electrical interfaces (clock signal) with a simple operation. In addition, when used in combination with the MP1570A SONET/SDH/PDH/ATM Analyzer, evaluation of jitter characteristics in digital transmission lines, systems and devices, such as jitter tolerance, jitter transfer, jitter generation, etc., can be performed easily.

Anritsu MP1580A / 02 Price

Options Installed

Option 02 : GPIB Interface
MU150018A : 2.5G/10G Jitter Unit
Anritsu MP1570A/02/10 : Anritsu MP1570A SONET / SDH / PDH / ATM Analyzer

For Pricing Information

Anritsu MP1580A Price

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The MP1580A can easily measure the jitter clock signal (electrical interface only) by just inputting the output clock of DUT directly. Optical signals can be measured easily by combining the MP1580A with the MP1570A, MU150000A, MU150001A and MU150017A/B. When the MP1580A is used with the MP1570A (send/receive jittered clock), jitter tolerance tests can be performed on OC-192/STM-64 and OC-48/STM-16 signals of electrical and optical interfaces.

Anritsu MP1580A / 02 Features

  • Complies with the latest ITU-T O.172 and Bellcore GR-1377 standards
  • Output jitter & Jitter tolerance measurement
  • Single cabinet support for both 2.5G and 10G jitter/wander measurements
  • With option 02 : GPIB

Ask for Anritsu MP1580A detailed specification.

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