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Telecomms & Datacomms Equipment


Acterna/TTC 40200 RS-449 Interface
Acterna/TTC 41800 E1 Interface Module
Acterna/TTC 42522 V.35 306 RS-449 X.21 Interface Module
Acterna/TTC 42219 HSSI Interface for TTC FireBerd 6000A
Acterna/TTC Fireberd 1500A Data Error Analyzer
Acterna/TTC Fireberd 4000 Communications Analyser
Acterna/TTC Fireberd 6000 Communications Analyser
Acterna/TTC Fireberd 6000A Communications Analyser Mainframe. Has built in RS232 testing


ADV R3561L CDMA Test Source Unit. 500 MHz to 2 GHz

Agilent Technologies (HP)

HP 11835A DC to 4MHz Data Buffer (w)
HP 18135A RS232 Interface Pod
HP 18136A RS449 Interface Pod
HP 18137A V35 Interface Pod
HP 18160A V.24/V.35 Interface Pod
HP 18163A RS232 Interface Pod
HP 18174A RS449 Interface Pod
HP 18177A V35 Interface Module
HP 18179A RS232/V.24 Interface Pod
HP 18260A V24/X21 Interface Module
HP 18281A ISDN Basic Rate Interface Pod
HP 18284A ISDN CEPT Interface Module
HP 18294A X21 Interface Module
HP 18366A ISDN Interface Module
HP 3708A Noise Interference Test Set
HP 3764A/002 Digital Transmission Analyser
HP 3764A/007 Digital Transmission Analyser
HP 3770B Telephone line Analyser
HP 37714A PDH/SDH ATM Transmission Test Set
HP 37717A / 1CW / UH2 / UH4 / UH6 / UHE / UHK / UHN / UKJ / US1 SDH/PDH Test Set Options: UH2/UH4/UH6/UHE/UHK/UHN/UKJ/US1/1CW
HP 37717B Opt : A3D/1AR/UKJ Communications Performance Analyser Options: A3D/A3R/UKJ
HP 37717C / UH3 / UKK Communications Performance Analyser
HP 37718C Opts:001/012/200/601/UK6 SDH Digital Comms Analyser
HP 37721A / 001 / 002 / 003 704 kb/s, 2, 8, 34, 140 Mb/s Digital Transmission Analyser (w)
HP 37722A Digital Telecom Analyser. Various options available. (w)
HP 37724A SDH/PDH Analyser (w)
HP 3776A PCM Terminal Test Set
HP 3776B/001 PCM Terminal Test Set
HP 3780A / 001 / K01 / J01 Pattern Generator / Error Detector
HP 3784A Digital Transmission Analyzer
HP 3784A / 002 / 061 / H13 Digital Transmission Analyzer
HP 3784A/008 Digital Transmission Analyzer
HP 3785A Telecomms Analyser
HP 3789B / 003 / 011 / 200 Transmission Test Set DS3
HP 37900D Signalling Test Set
HP 4951C 19.2 kb/s Protocol Analyser
HP 4952A/002 64 kb/s Protocol Analyser
HP 4954A Protocol Analyser - 72kbps
HP 4957A/001 Portable WAN Protocol Analyzer with Opt 001.
HP 83480A Digital Communications Analyzer (w)
HP 87512A DC to 2 GHz Transmission/Reflection Test Set
HP 8922P GSM Mobile Station Dual Band Test Set (GSM900 & DCS1800)
HP J2300C Visual Fault-Finder Sub-Module
HP J2300D Protocol Analyser
HP J2300E WAN Internet Advisor. Customisable using modules & undercradles.
HP J2522B WAN Protocol Analyser. Customisable using modules & undercradles.
HP J3759A Telecom Analyzer

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Ameritec AM2-A Analogue Bulk Call Generator
Ameritec AM2-De Digital Bulk Call Generator


Anritsu ME3401A / 31 / 42 Digital Transmission Analyser (suitable for DS1, DS1C, DS2 & DS3)
Anritsu ME3620A SONET/SDH Analyzer System
Anritsu MP1550A PDH/SDH Analyser
Anritsu MP1552B SDH/PDH/ATM Analyzer
Anritsu MP1570A / 02 / 10 SONET/SDH/PDH/ATM Analyzer with Option 02 / 10
Anritsu MP1570A1 SONET/SDH/PDH/ATM Analyzer
Anritsu MP1580A / 02 Portable 2.5G/10G Analyzer with option 02
Anritsu MP1632A Opt. 01/02/03 + MU163220A / MU163240A Digital Data Analyser complete with all available options. MU163220A = 3.2GHz Pulse Pattern Generator MU163240A = 3.2GHz Error Detector
Anritsu MP1656A Anritsu MP1656A Portable STM-16 Analyser


Aplab 1070 Psophometer
Aplab 2031 Transmission Measuring Set


HIL 561B DTA set

IFR / Marconi

Marconi 2850A / 01 / 03 Digital Transmission Analyzer
Marconi 2850B / 01 / 08 Digital Transmission Analyzer
Marconi 2850BS / 01 Digital Transmission Analyzer
Marconi 2850S Digital Transmission Analyzer
Marconi 2851 / 01 / 08 Data & PCM Digital Analyser
Marconi 2851S Digital Communications Analyzer
Marconi 2851S/001/013 Digital Communications Analyzer with option
Marconi 2853S Digital Communications Analyzer (w)
Marconi 2855S / 1 / 13 140 MBPS Digital Communications Analyser
Marconi 2945A Communication Service Monitor
Marconi 2945A / 01 / 03 / 05 / 06 / 23 Communication Service Monitor
Marconi 2955B Radio Communications Test Set
Marconi 2965 1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Marconi 2967 High Performance GSM 900/1800/1900 Radio Test Set
Marconi 6581 Transmission Line Test Set


MAC 280 PCM Chl Sig. Tester
MAC 290 PCM Line Monitor
MAC 300 PCM Mux VF Tester
MAC 310 PCM Pattern Generator
MAC 320 Digital Error Rate Meter
MAC 330 PCM Digital Simulator
MAC 340 PCM Digital Analyzer


Navtel 9440 Navtel 9440


Racal 6113/01/52 Digital Radio BTS Test Set with GSM900 and E1 A-bis interface options.
Racal 6113E GSM Base Station

Rohde & Schwarz (R&S)

R&S CMS52 1 GHz Radio Communication Service Monitor
R&S CMU200 Universal Radio Communication Tester


Schlumberger 4031 Communications Test Set (Many configurations available)
Schlumberger SI4015 Communication Monitor


Siemens K1197 K1197 ISDN Protocol Tester
Siemens K1297 K1297 ISDN Protocol Tester
Siemens K1403 ISDN SO Analyser/Tester

Sunrise Telecom

Sunrise SunLite E1 2.048 Mbit/s Test Set


TEK 834 Programmable Data Communications Tester
TEK 834R03 ROM for 834 Data Communications Tester
TEK 836 Programmable Data Communications Tester
TEK CSA803A Communications Signal Analyser (DC-50GHz dep. on sampling head)

Wandel & Goltermann

W&G ASNT-20 Advanced Network Tester
W&G DLA-5 Data Line Analyser
W&G PA-41 Transmission And Signaling Test Set
W&G PCM-2C PCM Test Set
W&G PCM-23 Voice Frequency PCM Tester
W&G PCM-4 PCM Channel Measuring Set (BN980/03, BN985/24, BN984/00.01, BN984/0002)

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