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Data Acquisition & Chart Recorders

Agilent Technologies (HP)

HP 10529A Logic Comparator
HP 34505B / 3235 RF MUX WITH 3235 CARD
HP 34511B 64 Channel Armature Relay MUX/Matrix for 3235
HP 34516M 256 crosspoint matrix module for 3235A
HP 3488A Low Cost Switching & Control with HP-IB
HP 34901A 20 Channel Multiplexer Module
HP 34902A 16 Channel High Speed Multiplexer Module
HP 34903A 20 Channel Actuator/General Purpose Switch Module
HP 34904A 4 x 8 Two-Wire Matrix Switch Module
HP 34905A Dual 1:4 Channel RF Multiplexer, 50 Ohms Module
HP 34906A Dual 1:4 Channel RF Multiplexer, 75 Ohms Module
HP 34907A Multifunction Module
HP 34908A 40 Channel Single Ended Multiplexer Module
HP 34937A 32-Channel FormC/Form A General Purpose Switch
HP 34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit with Digital Multimeter
HP 34970A/001 Data Acquisition/Switch Unit without Digital Multimeter
HP 3497A Data Acquisition System & Various Cards Available  With DMM Option
HP 34980A Multifunction Switch / Measure Unit Mainframe
HP 3499A Switch / Control Mainframe
HP 3499B 2-Slot Switch/Control Mainframe
HP 35651B / 104 FFT Signal Process Module for MMS System
HP 35655A 8 Channel Input Module for MMS System for 3565S
HP 3852A Data Acquisition Control System Mainframe
HP 3853A Extender Chassis for above
HP 44422A 20 Channel T Couple Module For HP 3497A
HP 44428A 16 Channel Module For HP 3497A
HP 44470A 10 Channel MUX card for 3488A
HP 44471A General Purpose Relay Card for 3488A
HP 44472A VHF Switch Module Card for 3488A
HP 44473A Matrix Switch Input Card for 3488A
HP 44474A Digital I/O Card for 3488A
HP 44476B Microwave Switch Module for 3488A
HP 44701A 3.5 - 5.5 Digit Integrating Voltmeter
HP 44702A 13 Bit Hi-speed Voltmeter
HP 44705A 20 Channel Relay Multiplexer
HP 44708A 20 Channel Relay MUX with Thermocouple Compensation
HP 44711A 24 Channel Hi-speed FET Multiplexer
HP 44712A 48 Channel MUX
HP 44715A 5 Channel Counter Totaliser (200kHz)
HP 44721A 16-Chan. Digital Input
HP 44723A 16 Channel Hi-speed Digital Sense Control
HP 44724A 16 Channel Digital Output
HP 44726A 2 Channel Arbitrary DAC
HP 44727A Analogue Output 4 Channel Voltage DAC
HP 44789A Serial Interface Card for HP 3852A
HP N2261A 40-Channel General Purpose Relay Module
HP N2263A Interface card for N2296 connecting block
HP N2264A Multifunction Module, 12 + 3 GP Relays
HP N2296A Connector block for Agilent N2263A / 3499B Switch / Control System

Fluke / Philips

Fluke 1120A IEEE - 488 Adaptor
Fluke 2620A/100 Data Bucket
Fluke 2635A Data Bucket with memory card. Various available.
Fluke HYDRA - Series 2 Fluke HYDRA - Series 2


Graphtec WR8000 16 Chart Recorder


Keithley 2700 Combination functions of DMM/Data Acquisition & Switch System
Keithley 7001 80 Channel Switch / Control Mainframe
Keithley 705 Scanner
Keithley 7055 General Purpose Relay Card

Solartron / Schlumberger

Solartron 3530D ORION Delta Data Logging System
Solartron 3531D Orion Delta Data Acquisition System Mainframe with Built-in Display & Front panel control-keypad
Solartron 3535D Data Logger


Yokogawa HR2300 Yokogawa HR2300

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