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GW Instek Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzers

The GSP-Series spectrum analyzer, based on full synthesis and low noise design, has numerous testing functions, including Marker Measurement, Peak Detect, Power Measurement, Limit Line, Dual Trace, and Trigger. Quick- and easy-to-use makes the GSP-Series truly convenient.

The GSP-Series is equipped with diverse and flexible functions, user-friendly operation, and a complete set of optional items. It fits a broad range of applications from laboratories, eudcation, manufacturing, to service fields. The GSP-Series represents a remarkable achievement in GW Instek's design technology.



Noise Floor

Frequency Range


GSP-930 Spectrum Analyzer -142dBm @Pre-amp On 9kHz ~ 3GHz 25ppb freq. stability, Spectrogram, Topography
GSP-830 Spectrum Analyzer -117dBm 9kHz ~ 3GHz Sequence function, Split-Window
GSP-810 Spectrum Analyzer -100dBm 150kHz ~ 1GHz Fully Digital PLL Technology
GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer ≤-100dBm 150kHz ~ 3GHz Support Interface : USB Device/Host, RS-232C

RF Training System

The GRF-3300 Series RF training system combines RF syllabus, basic theory and systematic demonstrations with hands-on experimentation. The training system design combines the training kit with important embedded circuitry and test/measurement applications, creating an effective way to learn RF knowledge base from both educational and practical aspects.






GRF-3300 Series RF Training System 22 Modules Over 50 Expertments 880MHz Digital PLL, 2.4GHz Microstrip Line Filter
GRF-1300 RF Training System 3 Modules 9 Expertments Baseband support: 0.1~3MHz, RF Signal: 870 ~ 920MHz

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