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GW Instek Basic Test & Measurement Equipments

For Safety Testing, GPT/ GPI Series Safety Testers provide you with a safe and quick measurement tool for AC/DC Withstanding Voltage tests, Insulation Resistance tests, and Ground Continuity tests. We also provide the GLC-9000 leakage current tester that supports all the major leakage current test standards for medical & general electrical equipment.

In order to provide you with a complete "One Stop Shopping" solution, we also have our range of specific application T&M instruments: 120MHz - 2.7GHz high precision frequency counters, automatic distortion meter, and A.C. millivolt meters.

Safety Testers



Test Capacity


GPT-9900 Series Electrical Safety Tester 500VA AC/DC/IR/GB
GPT-9800 Series Electrical Safety Tester 200VA AC/DC/IR/GB
GLC-9000 Leakage Current Tester . .
GPT-800 / GPI-800 Series
Electrical Safety Tester 500 / 100 VA AC/DC/IR
Electrical Safety Tester 500VA AC/IR
Electrical Safety Tester AC 32A GB

Specialized Instruments




GUT-6000B Desktop Digital IC Tester 16 Characters in one line
GUT-6001C Handheld Flash Writer 16 Characters in one line
GUT-6600A Handheld Digital IC Tester 16 Characters in one line
GUT-7700 Handheld Linear IC Tester 16 Characters in one line
GAD-210G Desktop Automatic Distortion Meter 0.1% ~ 100%
GCM-302 / GCM-303 Handheld Mini Clamp Meter 600V / 600A
GVT-427B / GVT-417B AC Millivolt Meter 300uV ~ 100V
GFC-8270H / GFC-8131H Intelligent Counter 0.01Hz ~ 2.7 / 1.3 GHz
GFC-8010H Digital Frequency Counter 10Hz ~ 120MHz
GLP-1A Handheld Logic Probe & Pulser .
GPG-2A Handheld Logic Pulser .

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