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Racal Dana

Model No


Racal 1250 Series 1250-5 Slot & 1251-14 Slot Chassis Switch. Sys. & Cards available
Racal 1250-15A External Relay Drive Module
Racal 1250-55B 1 GHz Multiplexer Module (75 Ohm)
Racal 1250-60B 18 GHz Microwave Switch Module
Racal 1251 High Density Switch Controller
Racal 1260 VXI Mainframe
Racal 1260-35A High-Density Scanner or Multiplexer
Racal 1261/04/71 Racal 1261 with option 04 / 71
Racal 1992/04B/055 1.3GHz Counter/Timer with High Stability & GP-IB
Racal 1995/01/04E 200MHz Counter/Timer with Ultra High Stability and GP-IB
Racal 1996 Racal 1996
Racal 1998 1.3GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1998/04B/55 1.3GHz Frequency Counter with Options
Racal 1999 3GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 2101 10Hz - 20GHz Microwave Counter with GP-IB
Racal 4061 Racal 4061
Racal 6113/01/52 Digital Radio BTS Test Set with GSM900 and E1 A-bis interface options.
Racal 6113E GSM Base Station
Racal 7050 Racal 7050
Racal 9008 2GHz Modulation Analyser
Racal 9475 Rubidium Frequency Standard
Racal 9478 Frequency Distribution System
Racal 9835 Racal 9835
Racal 9906 200MHz Frequency Counter

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