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DranetzBMI Dranview 6 : Software

Dranview 6

DranetzBMI Dranview 6 : Software
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DranView 6 is a Windows based software package that enables power professionals to simply and quickly visualize and analyze power and energy monitoring data. It is a snap to navigate, delivers automated functionality and incorporates powerful analytical capabilities and customizable options to meet the needs of each individual user. DranView is successfully used by thousands of customers around the worked and have become the industry leading power management software tool.

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DranetzBMI Dranview 6 Software Features

  • Dran-View features an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that enhances even the first time user’s experience.
  • The software has been optimized for speed and to accommodate large data sets. It takes full advantage of modern operating systems and hardware, enabling users to fully utilize all available computer power.
  • All measured and calculated parameters are sorted into different categories, making it easy to find and select the data you want to display. Dran-View even presents explanatory text in several languages to support graphic views.
  • Scrollable (rubber band) chart axes make it easy to pan and zoom diagrams to pinpoint problems for quick resolution.
  • Flexibility has been integrated throughout the package – users can customize both appearance and behavior.

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