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GW Instek GPG-2A Logic Pulser

GW Instek Logic Pulser (GPG-2A)

GPG-2A Datasheet

GW Instek GPG-2A Features

  • For Troubleshooting or Testing Logic Circuits
  • Directly Injects Signal into Logic Circuits without Removing Components
  • Sync Input for Producing Externally Synced Signals
  • Operating Voltage Range: 5 ~ 15VDC
  • Maximum Input Probe Voltage: 35VDC
  • Maximum Sync Input Voltage: 120V/30sec
  • Sync Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Pulse Repetition Rate: 0.5/400Hz
  • Output Current: Pulser Mode, 100mA Sink/Source
  • Square Wave, 5mA Sink/Source
  • Dimensions & Weight: 18(W)x210(H)x18(D)mm: Approx. 40g

GPG-2A Description

The GPG-2A logic pulser can be used to perform in-circuit testing of TTL, CMOS, and many other logic devices at a maximum of 50MHz. A Short 10 sec pulse width assures that no damage will occur to circuits while testing. With a weight less than 50g, a non-slip grip and, an external sync input, GPG-2A provides comfort and reliability for various troubleshooting tasks.

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GPG-2A Accessories

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