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GW Instek GDS-3000 Series Visual Persistence DSO (GDS-3000)

GW Instek GDS-3000 Series Visual Persistence DSO (GDS-3000)

GDS-3000 Datasheet

GW Instek GDS-3000 Series Features

  • 500/350/250/150MHz with 2/4 Channels
  • 5GSa/s RT or 100GSa/s ET Sampling Rate
  • Independent Memory for Each Channel
  • VPO Technology
  • Large 8-inch 800x600 Display
  • Split Screen Function
  • 3 Built-in Impedances (50Ω/75Ω/1MΩ)
  • Interface : RS-232, USB, GPIB, VGA Output, LAN

GW Instek GDS-3000 Specification

Model No




Sampling Rate

Record Length

GDS-3152 2Ch+EXT DC~150MHz(-3dB) 2.3ns 2.5GSa/s 25k points
GDS-3154 4Ch+EXT DC~150MHz(-3dB) 2.3ns 5GSa/s 25k points
GDS-3252 2Ch+EXT DC~250MHz(-3dB) 1.4ns 2.5GSa/s 25k points
GDS-3254 4Ch+EXT DC~250MHz(-3dB) 1.4ns 5GSa/s 25k points
GDS-3352 2Ch+EXT DC~350MHz(-3dB) 1ns 5GSa/s 25k points
GDS-3354 4Ch+EXT DC~350MHz(-3dB) 1ns 5GSa/s 25k points
GDS-3502 2Ch+EXT DC~500MHz(-3dB) 700ps 4GSa/s 25k points
GDS-3504 4Ch+EXT DC~500MHz(-3dB) 700ps 4GSa/s 25k points

GDS-3000 Description

The GDS-3000 Series is a new platform of 4-input channels, 500MHz bandwidth, 5GSa/s sampling rate, and VPO waveform display. The split screen feature has been designed to meet the requirements of multi-window & multi-signal tests in the research and the manufacturing fields. The optional power analysis software and the optional serial bus analysis software are available to facilitate the engineer's tasks in testing and manufacturing of the associated products.

Three new differential probes, GDP-025, GDP-050 & GDP-100, and two new current probes, GCP-005 ,GCP-020 ,GCP-100 and GCP-530 & GCP-1030, are coming along with the GDS-3000 Series to provide total solutions for a wide variety of applications in the industry, service and education market sectors. The GDS-3000 Series, a high-tech platform carrying thoughtful features, brings very high customer value to both general purpose market and professional market.

Free Remote Control Software

Using a USB port coupled with FreeWave remote monitoring software is the easiest and most convenient way to capture data from the GDS-3000 Series. With FreeWave, a screenshot can be saved as an image file (.bmp/.jpg), waveform data (.csv) can be logged and movie files(.wmv) can be recorded in real-time. Not only can FreeWave monitor and record waveforms over a long period of time, but previously recorded waveforms can also be observed. Instrument settings can even be configured without the need to learn incomprehensible command line syntax. With the simple user interface and robust features, FreeWave allows you to get the most out of the GDS-3000 with little effort.

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GDS-3000 Price

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GDS-3000 Accessories

  • GTP-151R : 150MHz(10:1) passive probe for GDS-3152/ 3154 (per channel)
  • GTP-251R : 250MHz(10:1) passive probe for GDS-3252/ 3254 (per channel)
  • GTP-351R : 350MHz(10:1) passive probe for GDS-3352/ 3354 (per channel)
  • GTP-501R : 500MHz(10:1) passive probe for GDS-3502/ 3504 (per channel)

GDS-3000 Optional Accessories

  • GTC-001 : Instrument cart, 450(W) x 430(D)mm (120V input socket)
  • GTC-002 : Instrument cart 330(W) x 430(D)mm (120V input scoket)
  • GTL-110 : Test lead, BNC to BNC connector
  • GTL-232 : RS-232C cable, 9-pin female to 9-pin female, Null Modem for computer
  • GTL-242 : USB 1.1 cable, A-B type cable 4P, 1800mm
  • GTP-033A : 35MHz 1:1 passive probe
  • GTP-352R : 350MHz(20:1) passive probe

GDS-3000 Differential Probe

  • GDP-025: 25MHz high voltage differential probe
  • GDP-050: 50MHz 25MHz high voltage differential probe
  • GDP-100: 100MHz 25MHz high voltage differential probe

GDS-3000 Current Probe

  • GCP-020 :10KHz/200A current probe
  • GCP-100 :100KHz/100A current probe
  • GCP-530: 50MHz/ 30A current probe
  • GCP-1030: 100MHz/ 30A current probe
  • GCP-206P: power supply for current probe (2 input channels)
  • GCP-425P: power supply for current probe (4 input channels)

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