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Fireberd 6000 Communications Analyzer (Acterna / TTC 6000)

Fireberd 6000

Fireberd Comminications Analyzer (Acterna / TTC 6000)

Fireberd 6000 Price

The FIREBERD 6000 Communications Analyzer brings advanced testing capabilities to todayís data networks, enabling you to maximize your testing capabilities and minimize your training costs. Whether your test requirements include Async or ATM testing, physical layer and data link layer analysis, or generation and measurement of the jitter tolerance of your T1 or 2M circuits, the FIREBERD 6000 gives you the power to analyze most network interfaces found within your network. With an intuitive, menu-driven test methodology, the FIREBERD 6000 performs traditional bit error analysis, frame and cell generation, along with signal, performance and timing measurements. The FIREBERD 6000 is fully programmable, with customized printouts, programmable user patterns, frequency synthesizer, and user-defined flow control. Itís a great way to protect your network.

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W&G / Acterna ANT-20 Price

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Packet Network Testing : Perform analysis of your circuits and equipment during deployment and provisioning of your network by generating frame relay and ATM traffic. Perform analysis on lost frames or cells by generating fixed or variable loads of traffic over multiple virtual channels to verify the service that your customers demand. The capability to test the physical layer and data link layer in a single platform provides the information to troubleshoot the most complex problems.
In-Service monitoring : Monitor live data at various access locations, from resistor-isolated DSX monitor points to a bridge on a four-wire access point, without disturbing revenuegenerating traffic. Ideal for routine maintenance, the FIREBERD 6000 offers a variety of in-service measurements, including bipolar violations, timing and level analysis, frame errors, and CRC errors.

End-To-End Testing : Quickly isolate any problem to a specific direction by analyzing the performance of an entire digital link in both directions. Full-duplex end-to-end testing also serves as an excellent analysis of all circuits and equipment within your network.
Loopback Testing : Enjoy the convenience of using a single FIREBERD 6000 to perform out-of-service testing. Loopback testing is ideal as a quick check of circuit performance or when isolating faulty equipment. The FIREBERD 6000 supports all standard TI, E1, DDS, and data communications loopbacks.

Fireberd 6000 Features

  • Perform bit error, signal and performance analysis on datacom, T1/FT1, 2M/Nx64, DDS, E3 and T3 services
  • Perform analog tests with VF and wideband Transmission Impairment Measurement Set (TIMS) tests on analog and digital transmission lines with the TIMS-45 Lid.
  • Complete jitter generation and measurements on T1, 2M and 64 kb/s circuits
  • Monitor and generate traffic on ATM and frame relay networks
  • Recall up to ten of your most frequently used test scripts with the push of a button

Ask for Fireberd / Acterna 6000 detailed specification.

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