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Model No


HP 4140B pA Meter / DC Voltage Source
HP 4145B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers
HP 4156C Semiconductor Parameter Analyser
HP 4191A 1 MHz to 1 GHz RF Impedance Analyzer
HP 4192A LF Impedance Analyzer, 5 Hz to 13 MHz
HP 4193A 400kHz - 110MHz Vector Impedance Meter
HP 41951A Impedance test kit
HP 41952B Transmission / Rflection Test Set
HP 4195A 10Hz to 500MHZ Combined Network/Spectrum Analyser
HP 4261A Digital LCR Meter with Test Frequencies at 120 Hz & 1kHz
HP 4262A Digital LCR Meter
HP 4274A 100Hz - 100kHz LCR Meter
HP 4275A / 001 / 004 10kHz - 10MHz LCR Meter
HP 4276A 100Hz - 20kHz LCZ Meter
HP 428B / Sensor Clippon DC Milli AM Meter
HP 4280A 1MHz C Meter/C-V Plotter. Measures capacitance/conductance.
HP 4284A 20Hz - 1MHz Precision LCR Meter
HP 4284A/001 20Hz - 1MHz Precision LCR Meter Power with Amplifier/DC Bias option
HP 4285A / 001 / 201 Precision LCR Meter, 75kHz to 30MHz in 100Hz steps. 0.1% accuracy
HP 4294A 40 Hz to 110 MHz, Precision Impedance Analyzer
HP 42942A Terminal adapter kit for 4294A
HP 42942A-CFG002 Terminal Adaptor Set
HP 4328A Milliohmmeter
HP 4338B / GPIB I/F & HANDLER I/F Milliohmmeter
HP 435B 110GHz Analog Power Meter
HP 436A/022 Digital RF Power Meter with HP-IB
HP 437B/002/003 High Performance Power Meter with a parallel Rear-Panel Sensor input
HP 438A Dual Channel Power Meter
HP 4395A Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer, 10 Hz to 500 MHz
HP 4396B 100 kHz-1.8 GHz Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer
HP 43961A / 16092A RF Impedance Test Adaptor Set (Inc. Short pt. no. 04191-85300, Open pt. no. 0419185302, 50 ohm no. 04191/85301, ser. No. 04668, spring - clip term. conn. adaptor, short n-n type cable.)
HP 44422A 20 Channel T Couple Module For HP 3497A
HP 44428A 16 Channel Module For HP 3497A
HP 4447B Microwave Switch Plug-in
HP 44470A 10 Channel MUX card for 3488A
HP 44470D 20-Channel Multiplexer Module
HP 44471A General Purpose Relay Card for 3488A
HP 44472A VHF Switch Module Card for 3488A
HP 44473A Matrix Switch Input Card for 3488A
HP 44474A Digital I/O Card for 3488A
HP 44476A Microwave Switch Module
HP 44476B Microwave Switch Module for 3488A
HP 44478B Dual 1x4 RF Multiplexer Module (1.3GHz, 75 Ohm)
HP 44491A Armature relay multiplexer assembly
HP 44701A 3.5 - 5.5 Digit Integrating Voltmeter
HP 44702A 13 Bit Hi-speed Voltmeter
HP 44705A 20 Channel Relay Multiplexer
HP 44708A 20 Channel Relay MUX with Thermocouple Compensation
HP 44711A 24 Channel Hi-speed FET Multiplexer
HP 44712A 48 Channel MUX
HP 44715A 5 Channel Counter Totaliser (200kHz)
HP 44721A 16-Chan. Digital Input
HP 44723A 16 Channel Hi-speed Digital Sense Control
HP 44724A 16 Channel Digital Output
HP 44726A 2 Channel Arbitrary DAC
HP 44727A Analogue Output 4 Channel Voltage DAC
HP 44789A Serial Interface Card for HP 3852A
HP 4951C 19.2 kb/s Protocol Analyser
HP 4952A/002 64 kb/s Protocol Analyser
HP 4954A Protocol Analyser - 72kbps
HP 4957A/001 Portable WAN Protocol Analyzer with Opt 001.
HP 4972A LAN Analyser
HP 4985A LANProbe II - Token Ring Testing
HP 4996A LANProbe II - Ethernet Network Testing

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