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Model No


HP 6002A / 001 DC Power Supply
HP 6030A DC Power Supply (200V, 17A)
HP 6031A DC System Power Supply (20V, 120A)
HP 6032A DC System Power Supply (60V, 50A)
HP 6033A DC System Power Supply (20V, 30A)
HP 6034A Power Supply 0-60V, 0-10A
HP 6038A DC System Power Supply (60V, 10A)
HP 6050A Electronic Load Mainframe
HP 60501A 150 Watt DC Electronic LOAD Module
HP 60501B 60V, 30A, 150W Electronic Load Module
HP 60502A DC Electronic Load Module 60V/60A
HP 60502B 3-60V, 60A, 300W Electronic Load Module
HP 60503B 3-240V, 10A, 250W Electronic Load Module
HP 60504B 60V, 120A, 600W Electronic Load Module
HP 60507B 150V, 60A, 500W Electronic Load Module
HP 6051A 600W Electronic Load Mainframe
HP 6060B 300 Watt DC Electronic Load
HP 64170A 68000/68302 Emulation Memory Control Bd.
HP 64171B 1M Byte 35 ns SRAM Memory Module
HP 64655A / 8085 8085 Interface Module
HP 64657A 80286 Interface Module
HP 64658A 80186/80188 Interface Module
HP 64670A 68000 INTFC MOD
HP 64671A 6809/6809E Interface Module
HP 64680A Z8001 Interface Module
HP 64681A Z8002 Interface Module
HP 64683A Logic Analyzer Card
HP 64690A NSC800 Interface Module
HP 64700A Logic Analyzer Card
HP 64700B Logic Analyzer Card Cage Mainframe (Supports many processors)
HP 64704A 80 Chan Internal Analyser
HP 64746BR HP / Agilent 64746BR
HP 64748C Emulation Control Card
HP 64748D 68020 33MHz emulation probe/no memory
HP 64751A 68340 25MHz PGA Emulation Probe
HP 64771GR HP / Agilent 64771GR
HP 64780A 68360 Emulation Probe
HP 64783B Emulator for Motorola 68040, 68EC040, and 68LC040 Processors
HP 64794A 8K Trace Depth Emulation Bus Analyzer
HP 654A HP / Agilent 654A
HP 6574A 2000 Watt Power Supply, 60 V, 35 A
HP 66101A dc Power Module, 8V, 16A
HP 66102A DC Power Module, 20V, 7.5A for 66000A
HP 66103A Special Order Power Supply 37 V, 4.5
HP 6621A Dual Output Power Supply (80 Watt)
HP 6622A Dual Output DC Systems Power Supply
HP 6624A Quad Output Power Supply (40 Watt)
HP 6626A Quad Output DC Systems Power Supply
HP 6627A Quad Output Power Supply (40 Watt)
HP 6629A Precision System Power Supply, 50 W, 4 outputs
HP 66309B Dual output Telecommunication Power Supply
HP 66309D / 0521 Mobile Comms. DC Power Supply. Dual Output (Output 1: 0-15V, 0-3A) & (Output 2: 0-12V, 0-1.5A)
HP 66311B Mobile Comms. DC Power Supply. Single Output (0-15V, 0-3A)
HP 66312A Mobile Comms. DC Power Supply. Single Output (0-20V, 0-2A)
HP 6632A 20V / 5A Single Output Linear Systems Supply
HP 6632B System DC Power Supply - 100W, 20V, 5A
HP 66332A Agilent 66332A 100 Watt Dynamic Measurement DC Source
HP 6634A/760 100V / 1A Systems Power Supply with Polarity Reversal Relay
HP 6642A 20V/10A Systems Power Supply
HP 6644A System DC Power Supply
HP 6645A 120V 1.5A DC Power Supply
HP 6652A Programmable Power Supply
HP 6673A DC System Power Supply, 0-35V, 0-60A, 2000W
HP 6675A 120 V, 18 AMP Programmable Power Supply
HP 6681A 8V, 580A, 5000W DC power supply
HP 6812B AC Power Source / Analyzer
HP 6920B Meter calibrator

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