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PicoScope 6000E Series

8-channel ultra-deep-memory oscilloscopes

Ultra-deep-memory oscilloscopes
4/8 Ch, Upto 3 GHz, 10 GS/s

(Pico 6000E Specification)

PicoLog USB TC-08

USB TC-08 Thermocouple Data Logger

Thermocouple Data Logger
8 Ch, -270 to +1820 °C

(TC-08 Data Logger Specification)

PicoTech 3000E Series

Digital USB Oscilloscope from AES India

Digital USB Oscilloscope
4Ch, 500MHz, 250MS

(PicoScope 3000E Digital Oscilloscope)

PicoScope 4225A/4425A

PicoScope Vehicle Diagnostic Oscilloscopes India

Vehicle Diagnostic Oscilloscope
2/4 Ch, 400 MS/s, 12 bit

(PicoScope Automotive Kits)

DranetzBMI PX5

DranetzBMI PX5 : PowerXplorer - Power Quality Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer (PQA)
8 Ch : 4 Voltage & 4 Current

(DranetzBMI PX5 Specification)

PicoVNA 106 / 108

PicoVNA 106 / 108 Vector Network Analyzer (300kHz to 6GHz)

Vector Network Analyzer
6 GHz, 118 dB dynamic range

(PicoVNA 106/108 Specification)

Tonghui TH2840X Series

Automatic Transformer Test system

Automatic Transformer Test system
Test speed 1800 times/s

Tonghui TH2840X Series

Tonghui TH2822 Series

Handheld LCR Meter

Handheld LCR Meter
Upto 100kHz, 40000 counts

Tonghui TH2822 Series

Tonghui TH2827 Series

Benchtop LCR Meter

Benchtop LCR Meter
Upto 1MHz, resolution : 10mHz

Tonghui TH2827 Series

Marconi / IFR 2955B

Radio Communication Test Set

Radio Test Set
1000 MHz AM/FM/ØM, GPIB/RS-232

(Marconi 2955B Specification)


R&S FSEB30 Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzer
20Hz to 7GHz, With Opt:B4, B7, B15

(R&S FSEB30 Specification)

Solartron 1250

Solartron / Schlumberger 1250A Frequency Response Analyzer

Frequency Response Analyzer
Also Available : Solartron 1254 & 1260

(Schlumberger 1250 Specification)

Solartron 3535D

Solartron 3535D Scorpio Data Logger (Schlumberger 3535D)

"Scorpio" Data Logger
Available with I/P Modules

(Solartron 3535D Specification)

Agilent E8404A

Agilent E8404A C-Size VXI Mainframe, 13-Slot (HP 8404A)

VXI Mainframe
C-Size, 13-Slot

(Agilent E8404A Specification)

Anritsu MP1570A

Anritsu MP1570A SONET / SDH / PDH / ATM Analyzer with opt 02 /10

with 02 : GPIB, 10 : SDH

(Anritsu MP1570A Specification)

GW Instek GDS-3000 Series

GW Instek GDS-3000 Series Visual Persistence DSO

Visual Persistence DSO
2/4 Ch, 500/350/250/150 MHz, 5GS/s

(GDS-3000 Series Specification)

Agilent/HP 6632B

20V, 5A Power Supply

DC Power Supply
100W, 20V, 5A

(Agilent 6632B Specification)

GW Instek GPT-9900 Series

GW Instek GPT-9900 Series Electrical Safety Tester

Electrical Safety Tester

(GW Instek GPT-9900 Specification)

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