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PicoScope 4225A & 4425A Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscopes

PicoScope 4225A/4425A

PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscopes India

Automotive Oscilloscope Price - AES, India

PicoScope 4225A/4425A Datasheet

Our exciting new PicoBNC+® probe connectivity, unique to PicoScope 4225A and PicoScope 4425A oscilloscopes, provides you with:

  • Channel status lights to show you which probes and channels to connect and their status when you load a data file or guided test
  • Smart probe interfacing so that all your probe configuration takes place in the software - no more incorrect probe switch positions!
  • Powered probes that are always on and ready to go - no more flat batteries, current clamp zeroing, or auto-off!
  • Future-proofing of your diagnostic capabilities as we develop new probe technologies.
  • Full backwards-compatibility with BNC for all your existing PicoScope or third-party probes

All our automotive PicoScopes have the features that have already helped technicians around the world with vehicle diagnostics:

  • 400 M samples/second and 20 MHz bandwidth to make sure you can test the latest vehicles such as those with high-speed FlexRay or CAN-FD networks
  • 12-bit (16-bit enhanced) resolution - your waveforms in high definition
  • 250 M sample memory for long-duration captures; ideal when you are trying to diagnose intermittent faults
  • USB 3.0 data transfer speeds and power, providing you with high performance and portability

Electric Vehicle Dignostic Kit

Electric Vehicle kit

The Electric Vehicle kit from Pico Technology is designed to cover all vehicle types and powertrains, providing workshops with a future-proof system that handles vehicles incorporating high-voltage batteries and motor systems.
The importance of Electric Vehicles is clearly evident as part of the drive towards better use of clean and renewable energy and the reduction of harmful emissions and particulates. EV is now discussed so widely, and the investment in increasing EV deployment so great, that every workshop is increasingly aware of the need to handle EVs.

WPS500X pressure sensor kit


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WPS500X pressure sensor kit (optional)

Adding the WPS500X to your PicoScope opens up a new world of diagnostics by turning pressure readings into waveforms.
WPS500X allows you to see the inner workings of your system, such as in-cylinder waveforms. You can see valve and timing issues, mechanical failures, blown gaskets and blocked catalytic converters.
Most pressure sensors can only measure over a limited range (so you need different ones for different tasks). The WPS500X has three ranges in one sensor, so it is flexible enough to work all around the vehicle, including with fuel system pressures, transmission pressures, and intake, in-cylinder, crankcase and exhaust pressures created as air flows through an internal combustion engine.

Noise and vibration kit (optional)

Improvements in damping and sound insulation in modern vehicles mean that vibrations and noise that would previously be ignored (by turning up the radio) are now diagnostic headaches. You can lose many hours, and swap many parts in tracking down customer complaints.
The NVH kit works with your PicoScope to quickly identify the source of the problem. If the customer complaint is noise, use the microphone; if it’s a vibration, use the accelerometer.
Sophisticated software helps you to quickly identify the offending issue (such as a wheel imbalance) and pinpoint its location (such as the near-side rear of the vehicle).

PicoScope 4225A/4425A Oscilloscope Features

  • 2 or 4 channels, 20 MHz Bandwidth
  • Up to 400 MS/s real–time sample rate
  • 12 bits vertical resolution (16 bits in enhanced resolution mode)
  • 250M samples shared between active channels
  • ±250 V (DC + AC peak)
  • CAN bus and FlexRay compatible

Ask for PicoScope 4225A/4425A detailed specification.

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