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PicoScope 4444 High-resolution Differential USB Oscilloscope

PicoTech PicoScope 4444

Differential USB Oscilloscope

PicoScope 4444 Price

PicoScope 4444 Datasheet

True differential measurements in high resolution

The PicoScope 4444’s four inputs allow you to make true differential measurements. The maximum input range at full scale is ±50 V (±1000 V CAT III using the PicoConnect 442 probe), and the maximum common-mode range is also ±50 V (also ±1000 V with the PicoConnect 442 probe). You can set the scope to measure at resolutions of 12 or 14 bits, far better than the 8-bit resolution typical of many oscilloscopes. The deep capture memory (up to 256 million samples shared by the active channels) is another advantage, allowing you to carry out long captures without lowering the sampling rate.

Power Quality Oscilloscope

3Phase Flex Current Probe

CAT III Oscilloscope Kit

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Power quality - spikes, noise, dips and interruptions

Disturbances on the mains supply can cause a variety of problems ranging from computers crashing to, in more extreme cases, equipment damage. The PicoScope 4444 is ideal for the long-term monitoring of single-phase and three-phase systems to spot and record any variation from the norm.
The waveform opposite shows the voltage of a three-phase supply (plus the neutral return current). If the voltage waveform crosses into the shaded area, the alarm function beeps and the waveform is stored for later review. Tests can be run for days or even weeks and the resulting high-resolution waveforms help identify whether mains quality is a factor.

Mains harmonic measurement

AC power to homes, factories and offices is normally delivered at a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz, depending on the region of the world where you live. Power generation companies are obliged to deliver “clean” sinusoidal supply voltages within certain limits set by national regulatory bodies. If the load presented by the consumer is linear, providing the maximum current is not exceeded, the network will run fine. However, many modern devices do not present linear loads to the AC supply. Instead they take “bites” out of the supply waveform, so the current drawn includes harmonics of the 50 or 60 Hz fundamental supply frequency.

PicoScope 4444 Features

  • 4 high impedance differential inputs
  • 20 MHz bandwidth, 256 MS deep memory
  • Flexible 12 and 14-bit resolution
  • Measures non-grounded (floating) signals
  • Low-voltage probe for millivolts to 50 V
  • 1000 V CAT III probe for high-voltage applications

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