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TH-03 Temperature Data Logger


TH-03 Temperature Data Logger

The TH-03 temperature data logger provides high accuracy temperature data logging at a low cost.

The TH-03 allows up to 3 channels of temperature to be recorded onto your PC. It uses precision resistive sensors to give an accuracy that was previously only obtainable using expensive platinum PT100 sensors.

The TH-03 temperature data logger is very easy to use — just plug the TH-03 into the serial port on your computer, connect up to three sensors and you are ready to start collecting data.

For temperature data logging the easy-to-use, Windows based, PicoLog data acquisition software is supplied — allowing you to collect and store data with the minimum amount of effort.

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Along with precision temperature sensors, the TH-03 may also be used with the EL029 door switch sensor to record the position of a door — making the TH-03 a versatile logger that, along with temperature data logging, is also suited for use in home automation and environmental monitoring.

TH-03 Temperature Data Logger - Features

  • 3-channel temperature data logger
  • High accuracy at a low cost
  • Connects to computer serial port
  • No power supply required
  • Supplied with data acquisition software
  • Works with EnviroMon sensors (temperature, light, door switch)

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