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Enviromon Converters & Sensors

EnviroMon takes readings from a number of sensors. These sensors are connected to converters that transform the analogue signals from the sensor into digital signals: these digital signals can then be transmitted reliably and accurately to the logger over long or short distances. Which converter is best for your application depends on what you wish to measure. PicoTech have various types of converters and sensors for your application.


Model No




EL001 Temp. / Switch Position 3 0.3 C (With EL015)
EL026 Humidity / Temp. 1 Sensor Dependent
EL037 Voltage / Current 4 0.2% (2.5 V),
0.4% (10 V),
0.3% (4-20 mA)
EL040 Current Monitor 3 1% (0 to 200 mV)#,
2.5% (200 mV to 1 V)
EL041 Thermocouple 4 Thermocouples: (0.5C + 0.3% of type K reading)
Millivolts: 0.3%

#When using a 200 Amp current clamp which measures 1 Amp per mV.


Model No




EL015 Temperature -30 C to 70 C 0.3 C
EL029 (Door) Switch Closed / Open N.A.
EL030 Temp. / Humidity Temperature : -20 to 70 C,
Humidity : 0 to 95% noncondensing
Temperature : 0.2C (0-70C) 0.3C (rest of range),
Humidity : 2.5% (0 to 90%)
TA011 Current Clamp 0.1 A to 300 A RMS AC 3.0% (0.1 to <50A),
2.0% (50A to 300A)

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