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PicoScope 6407 High-Speed USB Digitizer

PicoScope 6407

PicoScope 6407 High-Speed USB Digitizer

PicoScope 6407 Price

PicoScope 6407 Datasheet

PicoScope 6407 USB Digitizer User Guide

High–speed data acquisition

The PicoScope 6407 Digitizer is a compact USB plug–in device that turns your PC or laptop into a 4–channel, high–speed digitizer. With a PicoScope 6407 you can easily digitize a 1 GHz sine wave with a timing resolution of 200 ps.

Huge buffer memory

Your PicoScope 6407 digitizer has a memory depth of one billion samples. Other digitizers have high maximum sampling rates, but without the deep memory of the PicoScope 6407 they can’t sustain these rates on long timebases. Your PicoScope 6407 can sample at 5 GS/s at timebases all the way down to 20 ms/div, giving a total acquisition time of 200 ms. If that’s not enough, the driver supports streaming mode for capturing unlimited gap–free data directly to your PC’s RAM or hard disk at over 10 MS/s.

The large buffer enables the use of segmented memory. Each captured waveform segment is stored in the buffer so you can rewind and review thousands of previous waveforms. No longer will you see a glitch on the screen only for it to vanish before you stop the scope.

Advanced triggers

Arbitrary waveform and function generator

Advanced triggers

As well as the standard range of triggers found on all oscilloscopes, the PicoScope 6407 offers a comprehensive set of advanced triggers including pulse width, windowed and dropout triggers to help you capture the data you need.

Digital triggering

Most digital oscilloscopes sold today still use an analog trigger architecture based around comparators. This can cause time and amplitude errors that can not always be calibrated out. The use of comparators often limits the trigger sensitivity at high bandwidths and can also create a long trigger “re-arm” delay.

Since 1991 we have been pioneering the use of fully digital triggering using the actual digitized data. This reduces trigger errors and allows our oscilloscopes to trigger on the smallest signals, even at the full bandwidth. Trigger levels and hysteresis can be set with great precision and resolution.

Digital triggering also reduces re-arm delay and this combined with the segmented memory allows the triggering and capture of events that happen in rapid sequence. At the fastest timebase you can use rapid triggering to collect 10,000 waveforms in under 20 milliseconds. Our mask limit testing function can then scan through these waveforms to highlight any failed waveforms for viewing in the waveform buffer.

Arbitrary waveform and function generator

The unit has a built-in function generator (including sine, square, triangle, ramp, sin (x)/x, Gaussian, half-sine,white noise, DC level, and PRBS). As well as basic controls to set level, offset and frequency, more advanced controls allow you to sweep over a range of frequencies. Combined with the spectrum peak hold option, this makes a powerful tool for testing amplifier and filter responses.
Also included is a full arbitrary waveform generator with a 16k-sample buffer.

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High-end features as standard

To protect your investment, both the API and the firmware inside the unit can be updated. We have a long history of providing new featuresfor free via software downloads. Other companies make vague promises about future enhancements but we deliver on our promises year after year. Users of our products reward us by becoming lifelong customers, frequently recommending us to their colleagues.

High signal integrity

Most oscilloscopes are built down to a price; ours are built up to a specification.Careful front-end design and shielding reduces noise, crosstalk and harmonic distortion. Years of oscilloscope experience enable us to achieve improved pulse response and bandwidth flatness. We are proud of the dynamic performance of our products and publishthese specifications in detail. The result is simple: when you probe a circuit, you can trust in the data you capture.

More than just a digitizer

At Pico we are committed to providing value for money. That’s why when you buy a PicoScope 6407 USB Digitizer you don’t just get a digitizer. Using the power of the supplied PicoScope software you can use your PicoScope 6407 as a 4–channel, 1 GHz oscilloscope with a voltage range of -100 mV to +100 mV. Alternatively you can use the spectrum analyzer function in PicoScope for recording measurements in the frequency domain. But that’s not all… Your PicoScope 6407 also includes a built–in function generator and an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) with a 16,000 sample buffer.

PicoScope 6407 High-Speed USB Digitizer - Features

  • 1 GHz bandwidth
  • 1 GS buffer size
  • 5 GS/s real-time sampling
  • Advanced digital triggers
  • Built-in function generator
  • USB-connected

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