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Enviromon Data Loggers

At the heart of the EnviroMon system is the data logger, which takes readings at intervals from one minute to four hours. The logger can send reports to a printer at specified intervals, or can transfer data to a computer for long term storage and graphical analysis. The logger contains back-up batteries so that it continues recording if the mains power fails. There are two types of logger to choose between: the EL008 which has a display, and the EL005 which does not.

Model No


Sampling Rate

Max Readings

Max Sensors

EL005 No 1 to 240 Minutes per sample 250,000 40
EL008 Yes 1 to 240 Minutes per sample 15,000 30

The loggers can be used in a number of ways:

  • As data logging system. The logger collects data unattended for a period of time (say a week), it is then connected to a PC to download the data for display, storage and analysis.
  • As a remote data logging system. The logger(s) are sited remotely (either at a fixed location or on a truck, ship etc) and data is downloaded periodically to a local PC via a modem (radio, telephone or GSM) or even via the internet.
  • As a data acquisition system. The logger is permanently connected to the PC, so that readings can be monitored real time on the PC screen. Data can also be published to a website - see dynamic web pages for more information.
  • As a stand alone monitoring system (EL008 only). Once configured readings are displayed on the built in screen and / or sent to a printer. This approach is useful if you just want the system to warn when a reading goes out of range and you do not want to use a computer.

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