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EnviroMon Network

EnviroMon Network

EnviroMon Network

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There are for main sections to the system:

  • Logger
  • Converters
  • Sensors
  • Alarms

The network is a four-wire cable that carries power and data between the logger, converters and optional equipment like remote alarms. The logger can be attached anywhere along the network cable.

For most applications, low cost telephone style cable is used. This allows operation with 400 metres of network cable between the logger and the furthest sensor. With thicker cable, this distance can be increased to a kilometre or more.

Cables can be purchased in standard lengths, alternatively you can make up your own.

The network can be built in four ways:

  • If each unit is within 5 metres of each other, they can be connected using EL003 network cables.
  • For distances greater than 5 metres, users can make their own longer versions of the network cable, then connect each unit to the next using these cables.
  • Install a fixed cable around the site with an EL009 telephone wall-socket at each point where a converter or logger is to be installed, then connect the logger and converters to the wall-sockets using 5-metre EL003 network cables.
  • Install a fixed cable directly between converters. This is necessary when converters are to be installed in a wet environment. The logger is connected to the network cable using an EL009 wall-socket.

To enable users to make their own cable, Pico supplies 100m cable reels and plugs in packs of 100 off. You will need a crimp tool to attach plugs to cables.

It is very easy to set up a small system: all of the parts connect together using FCC68 (telephone style) connectors.

The same cable is used for sensor and network cable. Pico supplies two types of cable:

  • Round cable - to connect to wall sockets
  • Flat cable - to connect directly between converters

To prevent incorrect assembly, two different types of connectors are used:

  • Network cables use a wide connector that has six slots and four pins (PP220), the outer two slots are unused. You will need the MI068 crimp tool to attach 6/4 plugs to the cable.
  • Sensor cables use a narrow connector that has four pins in four slots (PP221). You will need the MI041 crimp tool to attach 4/4 plugs to the cable.

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WI001 Network / Sensor Flat Cable (100m reel)
WI003 Network Round Cable to Connect to Wall Sockets
EL003 EL-003 EnviroMon network cable - 5 metres
EL032 Sensor Extension Cable (3m)
PP220 Network Connectors (100 off)
PP221 Sensor Connectors (100 off)
MI068 Crimp Tool for PP220
MI041 Crimp Tool for PP221
EL020 Sensor Extension Connectors
PP132 EL-009 Wall Mount Socket

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