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Remote Data Logging

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EnviroMon can be used in a number of ways for Remote Data Logging

Dynamic web pages

EnviroMon software can be programmed to automatically upload data to a website. Graphs and raw data can either be uploaded at fixed time intervals or specific data can be requested remotely from a user via a web browser.

Radio modem

One computer can maintain radio modem links to several remote loggers. Because EnviroMon requires very little power, the remote loggers can easily operate using a battery that is kept charged using a solar panel. The logger has built-in power saving features to turn off the radio modem when it is not required.

Telephone modem

The EnviroMon software running on a PC can use a modem to make a telephone call to a remote logger, then extract data from the logger and terminate the connection. The logger must be connected to a modem adapter via the EL033 modem adapter. The logger can be configured to permit the modem to answer telephone calls only during a narrow time range. This means, for example, that the logger data can be downloaded at night using a telephone line that is allocated for other uses during the day.

GSM mobile phone modem

Where a conventional phone line is not available (say on a truck or very remote site), the EnviroMon can be connected to a GSM (mobile phone) modem. As well as using the modem to remotely download data, EnviroMon can be configured to send out a SMS text message in the event of an alarm condition.

IP Network / Internet

If two computers are connected to a network running the IP protocol (Microsoft networking and the Internet use this protocol), it is possible to connect a logger to one computer and then run EnviroMon for Windows on another computer.

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