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PicoScope Oscilloscope Software - Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Waveform Editor

An arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) is a valuable piece of test equipment. However, in the past the prohibitive price of an AWG not to mention the amount of desk space needed has put an AWG out of the reach of many people. Not any more.

PicoScope has an integrated arbitrary waveform generator that, when used with a compatible PicoScope Oscilloscope, can generate a waveform of almost any shape. The generated waveform can be injected into the device you wish to test and then analyzed as it progresses through the device to confirm correct operation, or to highlight a fault.

You can program the arbitrary waveform generator from a text file or using the built-in AWG editor. The created waveform can have up to 8192 waypoints, allowing you to define complex waveforms. As PicoScope can export CSV and TXT files, you can even capture a waveform using your oscilloscope, modify it (if needed) using the AWG editor, and then play it back using the AWG.

The PicoScope arbitrary waveform generator can generate waveforms of almost any shape

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