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PicoScope Oscilloscope Software - Automated Measurements

Making measurements in PicoScope is easy. A large number of measurements are possible thanks to the automated measurement system. Using the Measurements menu you can select what measurements you want PicoScope to make, and PicoScope will then automatically display a table of their values.

Picoscope Measurements


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Using the built-in measurement statistics you can see the average, standard deviation, maximum and minimum of each measurement as well as the live value. This is invaluable for production testing and for characterising new devices. You can also enable an optional low-pass filter on some measurements, and select the thresholds on rise-time and fall-time measurements.

Available measurements: AC RMS, cycle time, DC average, duty cycle, falling rate, frequency, fall time, high pulse width, low pulse width, maximum, minimum, peak to peak, rise time, rising rate and true RMS.

For on-the-spot measurements you can also use the draggable rulers. Simply use your mouse to grab hold of a ruler and drag it to the point you want to measure. Both axes feature draggable rulers, allowing you to measure both amplitude and time/frequency.

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