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Current Monitoring Kit

Current Monitoring Kit

Current Monitoring Kit

Current Monitoring Kit Price

Ideal for use in commercial, industrial and residential locations, the Pico Current Monitoring Kit contains everything that you need to start measuring and recording currents from up to 3 separate circuits.

With the Current Monitoring Kit you can measure up to 3 currents at once (either 3 separate circuits, or one 3-phase supply — the choice is yours). Measurements can be taken at an interval of 1 to 240 minutes, and you can record a vast 250,000 measurements in total.

The Current Monitoring Kit includes the following:

  • EL040 power monitor
  • EL005 logger
  • 3 TA011 AC current clamps
  • Power Supply
  • EL003 network cable
  • PC software, cables and manual

Current Monitoring Kit - Quick Start Guide

Installation guide for serial and parallel products

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Save money in your home, factory or office

Current monitoring enables the current consumed around the home as well as in industry to be analysed. Monitoring supply currents can highlight areas of excessive current consumption and once the problem has been identified ideas can be implemented to reduce this excess. This will help reduce bills, increasing profits and in turn help the environment.

As machinery gets older the current consumed will often increase as parts become worn and the machine becomes inefficient. Data collected from separate machines over long periods of time can highlight problems before they become critical. Servicing or replacement can then be scheduled before the machine fails, which saves any loss in production.

Alarms can be set to warn of higher or lower than normal current consumption of machinery. This can be used to highlight problems, which if sustained may incur expensive servicing costs.

Free monitoring software

The Current Monitoring Kit is supplied with EnviroMon software. The EnviroMon software downloads data from the logger via a serial cable. By connecting the logger to a modem, using the EL033, remote downloading of the data can be done — removing the need to visit the site to download any required data.

Once the data is downloaded EnviroMon can be used to view the data either as a spreadsheet or as a graph. The data can then be saved, printed or exported to other software applications to be included in reports or for further analysis.

The EnviroMon software can also be used to publish the data directly to your intranet or the internet — giving you access to both live and historical data, wherever you are (see a graph showing our daily electricity usage).

EnviroMon software is provided free-of-charge, and updates can be freely download from our website.

Monitor current today. Monitor current, temperature, humidity… tomorrow

As the Current Monitoring Kit is part of the EnviroMon Data Logging System you can easily, and inexpensively, expand it to measure other parameters such as humidity and temperature. In total EnviroMon can measure up to 40 sensors.

Can you afford not to buy a Current Monitoring Kit?

With today’s increased fuel costs and volatile economies, energy-conscious living is more important than ever. Using the Current Monitoring Kit you can save money by identifying areas of excessive current consumption around your home or your office.

Current Monitoring Kit Specifications

Current range
(using supplied clamps)
0.1 A to 300 A RMS AC
Maximum conductor size
(using supplied clamps)
29 mm
Sampling rate 1 to 240 minutes per sample
Max number of readings 250,000
Support for GSM / SMS Yes
PC Connection Serial (RS232)
Power 12 V DC (mains adaptor supplied)
Battery backup Internal rechargeable cells

Ask for Current Monitoring Kit detailed specification.